Modern Slavery Statement

31st December 2023

Organisation structure and supply chains

This statement applies to both Hoo Hing Ltd and Hoo Hing Holdings Ltd (“Hoo Hing”). Hoo Hing is a

Cash and Carry network and importer of Oriental food and catering products. The business supplies

wholesalers and caterers throughout the UK. Products can be purchased directly from any of the

Cash and Carry outlets or from the online store. Trade and catering customers can utilise the inhouse

delivery service where products are dispatched throughout the UK.

Policies in relation to slavery and human trafficking

Hoo Hing was established over 40 years ago. It is the directors belief that the Company has run

successfully due to it’s people culture of respect and integrity. This culture is embedded in it’s

policies generally but is most apparent in the code of ethical policy.

Due diligence processes

Hoo Hing carries out due diligence to ensure slavery and human trafficking does not take place in the

business or it’s supply chain. The processes are as follows:

Where possible to deal with the UK subsidiary of an international supply chain as it is

 reasonable to assume that all UK Companies will have anti-slavery policies and processes in


Not to enter into any trading agreement with any organisation which knowingly supports or

 is found to be involved itself in slavery of any kind.

Incorporate anti-slavery checks when reviewing agreements with existing suppliers.

Assess new suppliers for their policies on Modern Slavery before agreeing to any new

 trading agreements.

Carry out physical visits to Companies supplying goods to meet with management and

 emphasise the importance of human welfare in the supply chain.

Review and update policies regularly to incorporate best practice.

Risk Assessment and management

Modern Slavery broadly falls into the Human Resources and Health and Safety category. To this end,

both departments are responsible for the Company’s obligations in this regard. All concerns

regarding modern slavery are to be addressed to these departments whereby relevant action will be


Measuring effectiveness

Hoo Hing has set KPIs to measure its effectiveness in ensuring modern slavery is not taking place in

the Company nor it’s supply chain.

The payroll of the Company is assessed regularly to ensure the national minimum wage and living

wage legislation is strictly adhered to.

Existing and new suppliers are assessed for their anti-slavery policies.

Training on modern slavery and trafficking

Hoo Hing is committed to providing a culture where modern slavery is not tolerated in any form.

Alls taff undergo an extensive induction process before they can begin work where respect for human

well-being is addressed amongst other issues.

Regular refresher training is also conducted to

reinforce the Company commitment.

This statement is approved on behalf of the Board of Directors.



Caroline Poon

Company Secretary

Hoo Hing Ltd/Hoo Hing Holdings Ltd